Ever wondered what a ‘Biblet’ is? Me, too. So, my wonderful publisher – Histria Books – whipped one up.

It’s essentially a ‘bird’s eye view’ or ‘teaser’ for a book, offering the reader (in the case of ‘Olympia’) some 20-odd pages of continuous novel narrative to engage with before taking the plunge to purchase the work. For ‘Olympia’ you’re somewhat spoilt for choice: with the launch edition hardcopy still available, plus the softcover, ebook and audiobook to choose amongst.

And keep a sharp eye out for the magnificent new illustrated edition, which will be launched on 25 / 06 / 2024 in the lead-up to the Paris Games.

Just ‘hit’ the link below to be transported to a 24-page look at the innards of ‘Olympia: The Birth of the Games’…


on https://b2l.bz/lgN9Hx