After a remarkably successful 2024 Antipodes Festival (the single largest event of its kind outside of Greece; now a Tier One funded event: with even the Australian Prime Minister attending), the literary opportunities for ‘Olympia’ shifted gear to the beautifully bohemian Yarraville Festival.

For the first time, the renowned Greek Precinct of the Yarraville Festival hosted a small, but promising, literary quarter. Here was a remarkable chance to reach out to a fresh audience, engage them with literature and a little bit of learning and enjoy the flow of civilised discourse.

Pictured above are some of the key players: fellow author, Mr. Jim Claven (OAM); Ms. Nikki Frescos (main organiser of the Yarraville Festival); the Hellenic Consul-General to Victoria, Mr. Emmanuel Kakavelakis; author of ‘Olympia’.

And here are just two of the media pieces that discuss some of that interplay of literature, learning, love and laughter (with ‘Olympia’ and yours truly either making it into the pics or the text) :