Presenting alongside my good friend, Billy Cotsis (multi-novel author, journalist & film-maker), at the 2022 Greek Festival of Sydney, I will be highlighting the age-old mysteries and controversies of the Olympics, as viewed through the prism of ‘Olympia: The Birth of the Games.’

Billy’s latest novel, ‘The Aegean Seven take back the “Elgin” Marbles’, will not just be premiered, but provide a foil for multiple points of (sometimes provocative) literary inter-meshing, with their shared focus upon the glories of ancient Greece and their survival into modernity.

This unique authorial ‘double act’ will be a feature event of this festival, with VIP speakers, literary and poetry readings, a highly interactive Q&A operating between both authors as well as the audience, and Greek food, beverages and even music will provide the essential backdrop.

See the formal invite above and the media article directly below for further details…