Finding turning the pages of the release edition hardcover version of ‘Olympia’ a bit of a challenge, or simply prefer the entertaining tones of a narrator reading to you while otherwise engaged, then you’ll be mighty pleased to read that the audio version of the ‘little red book’ of the Olympics origin story has now been released as an audiobook.

Beacon AudioBooks has now unlocked many hours of listening pleasure, with the highly-experienced narrator – Douglas Greene – playing the role of a modern-day Homer and filling your imagination with another way to enjoy ‘Olympia’.

This wonderful development now sets the stage for the e-book release of ‘Olympia’ (out today), with the softcover edition of our novel soon to follow…

See the press release by Beacon Books about ‘Olympia’ as an AudioBook directly below, and you’ll find this new addition to the ‘Olympia’ library now listed for sale on Audible: