Heavy with symbolism for the Japanese and all of us who witnessed the tragedy of the earthquake and tsunami that wrought such damage to the Fukushima region in March, 2011, the flame that was first lit at Olympia, Greece on March 12, 2020 now makes its way from the site of so much destruction, across a healing country and towards the heart of the nation.

With the flame of Olympia kept alive in Japan for more than a year, 10,000 runners, each covering 200 metres (with great hygienic caution) will waft the cherry blossom adorned torch through all 47 of the nation’s prefectures.

Despite the uncertainty and controversy of the 2020 / 2021 Tokyo Games, the flame of Olympia wending its way across Japan represents a true symbol of hope for much better days. There are just 100 days to go…

Tokyo Games torch relay